My rates depend on both the subject matter and the writing quality of the source text. Content that is not editable, such as handwritten texts and graphical PDFs, requires additional preparation and care and is therefore billed at a higher rate. A well-written source text makes translation easier and enables me to not only charge a more affordable rate but also guarantee a shorter turnaround time.
I do work with texts that have already been translated using machine translation. The kind of revision involved, known as ‘Machine Translation Post Editing’, can be either light (just making the text readable and understandable) or full, in which case the text is edited also for fluency and consistency.
An inappropriately prepared machine-translated text will slow me down to an extent where turn-around times and extra charges become unacceptable.
Machine translation is only an option for certain types of high-volume technical content if – and only if – the source text is written in a special way and terminology has been carefully picked and vetted.

Please consider the following rates as an indication (taxes are not included):

Translation EN>IT       0.12 € per source word
Translation IT>EN       0.12 € per source word
MTPE light*                   0.03 € per source word
MTPE full*                     0.06 € per source word
Proofreading                0.02 € per word
Editing                           0.08 € per word

*What’s the difference? Click here to know.