Paul Rooms

English<>Italian Scientific and Technical Translations

Translating knowledge with clarity and precision

Languages: English<>Italian

SERVICES: Translation, editing, MTPE, proofreading, SEO/keywords translation.

FIELDS OF TRANSLATION: Chemistry, physics, civil and mechanical engineering, popular science, food and nutrition, environment, geography.

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About me

I help science and technical writers reach a larger audience by translating their content into English or Italian with clarity and precision.

I grew up in a bilingual home and have lived in both the United States and Italy.
After graduating from classical high school, I studied Chemistry at the University of Florence.
Thereafter, I have worked as a teacher and in the manufacturing industry.
Having retired as a chemist, I chose to build on my abilities as a professional freelance translator.
In  2021, I relocated to  Barcelona, Spain.

Chemistry has taught me to be precise and detail oriented.
In science, a single incorrect phrase could cause serious consequences.
For this reason, I make a great effort to ensure that the sense of the text is preserved throughout the translation process.
I offer editing and proofreading services as well.

If you require flawless translations, contact me at

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